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Bulldog with witch Challenge game (Martin0 - vickalan)

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    Yay, another new player happy.png

    Also, @vickalan, it was good you mentioned friedmelons score was 2 wins/1 loss. I looked at my spreadsheet and apparently I had marked the result wrong for the game between friedmelon and foofooes where friedmelon won. Now it is updated and friedmelon does indeed have 2 wins/1 loss.



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    Also @GallifreyanKing, note that I could not block the check with N3f4 or N5f4 since the witch would make my knight transparent, so I would still be in check.

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    Good work on the worksheet with elo scores. Within a day or two I'll check for finished games and update the Top Players thread also with any results.  Btw, I think the chart is the most interesting sheet - you should make that first visible sheet (although I know it's easy to switch between pages).happy.png



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    @vickalan any updates on starting a game?

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    @GallifreyanKing, I sent a note to @friedmelon, but he hasn't replied (and also has not played a move for about 1 day in a game).

    I'll also leave a request (here) to see if anyone else would like to play. Also, Togepi has not moved in a few days in another game, so that game might be done (I get a win if he is a no-show). If that game is complete, then I can play you if you'd like. Martin0 is calculating elo scores, and your score increases a lot more if you win over a better player.happy.png

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    @vickalan, I'll share the link to the diagram page from now on.



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    I could play if it's okay.

    One question: how did the rook jump over the pawn in one of the first moves?


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