Bulldog with witch Challenge game (Martin0 - vickalan)


You're right about the move at 17. I can't remember my thinking at that point to be honest, but you played it correctly.

I'll play another game of Event chess. We can start as soon as you'd like, but there might be periods where I skip a few days around the Christmas holidays. Or we can start early January - whatever you prefer.happy.png


I'm also quite busy. We can start around 5th January. Looking forward to it happy.png


How did you get the board?


@Martin0: January 5 sounds great. In the meantime I'm checking for other finished games and will post an overall game summary soon. I see you've made some updates to the elo scores, so will probably announce game updates at the Top Players thread soon.

@Barracuda617: We play these variants by producing our own graphics. Once we have a set of all the pieces, we just update the graphics by "cut and paste". It's a little more work than other chess games, but I like playing games where there are no engines, and no opening books.

Feel free to leave a note here or at Top Players if you'd like to play.happy.png


I'm a little late, but here's the medal for Martin0 for winning this game:


Congratulations to Martin0!


ok, yeah I pretty much update the elo scores as soon as I see a result. 3 games finished after the last update in the top players thread. It is @FortunaMajor vs @GallifreyanKing, @GallifreyanKing vs me and this game. I somehow made a checkmate in 4 moves with the black pieces in that other game, so we may have found the scholars mate of this variant. happy.png


Also you can always look at the first tab of my spreadsheet if you want to find the link to games (both finished and in progress). Of course it is always also good to check the forums in case I have missed something as well, but I think that is the easiest way to find games.


Wohoo, I got a trophy! trophies.png happy.png

First defense