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Event Chess Game (vickalan - Martin0)

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    Yeah there are some interesting stuff that can be done with directional pieces. Another feature I am using in one variant is what direction the knights are facing (since you can turn them around and look in whatever direction you want with real pieces). I would need to add an arrow or something to represent that in diagrams.




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    Ok, I resign.

    You can easily hoover up all my pieces, promote a pawn, and get a checkmate (if not an easier way).

    Good game design, and good game.gold.png

    Also thanks to HorusTheThird for being the keeper of the secret king locations.thumbup.png

    Now we can start a bulldog game, and see if you can keep the crown. We'll discuss details for challenge (here).happy.png

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    gg, yeah the win is pretty trivial here. I assume you choose the g1 square for your king since I have checked at all squares except g1 and a4. a4 would not really make sense for you to pick since the king would be exposed there (although it could also be a brilliant choice if black ever plays Qa5 when white can respond with Kxa5). I was also intuitively guessing you picked g1 quite early since it seemed like the safest square.


    These events was quite interesting and fun to play with. I'm quite satisfied with their current ruleset.


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