FIDE chess


I've recently discovered and played a very interesting variant called FIDE chess.
The weird thing is, it only has the normal rules of Chess as we know. It doesn't have one single extra rule for itself.
(It does have something called en passant, but for those who didn't know yet, this was already a normal rule in Western chess.)
It doesn't even have extra fairy pieces, so you can play it with a normal chess set. And it always starts from the same initial position, which is why some experts in this variant are believed to know many beginning moves and lines and this sometimes makes the first 50 or so moves a little bit predictable.

At first sight this could be very dull, but nevertheless the few games that I tried were amusing. This is why I wonder if more people know of this variant and if they have played it before.


Not sure if we are talking about the same thing...

I believe, but could be wrong, because I am basically an idiot, that the original names for this chess variant are:

Queens Chess (English)

The Enraged Lady of Chess (French)


Sadly the existing game called Chess, with the Queen moving one step on the diagonal, vanished from Europe within a few decades, and the new variant hijacked it's name simply because it became more popular.


Apparently this new variant of chess, with the modern Queen, caused outrage in certain circles in medieval Europe. 

Some people were outraged that anybody dare to suggest any changes.

Some gentlemen were outraged that a female piece was now the strongest piece on the board, they even protested.

Some people even insulted this new modern chess variant, they called it Mad Queens Chess. 


Seems to me like some things never change in the chess world. 






How is it soooo fun?

If you played it.


Isn't it like normal chess?