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Infinite chess openings

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    As you can see the Waaaaayyyyyward queen attack is a flank... the idea is to provoke hawk move i.e. fork threat. That's why the main line gets the hawk out before the threat of queen fork even happens!

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    So I was browsing games in the forums, and it turns out the Queen’s Gambit was actually played in a game once. silvertruck-vickalan
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     first of all, it was game 2, second of all, that game ended in the opening w/ no show. tongue.png Honestly.

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    I know. Kind of sad
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    He's playing you right now right?

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    Not yet
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    Maybe you should just make a longer time control... 😝
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    Also I recently discovered a line of the Vicilian- It's a countergambit! It was NoisyEcho v. Vickalin, but if it's fine with @vickalin, I'd like to name it the Mako Countergambit after white's new name. 

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    The game was never finished, though. Vickalin didn't update w/ timeout, no resignation, the account isn't closed... WHY!?

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    Hey, may I have some help? I'm currently looking for a game starting with C(8,3), with someone I presume is called @HaleBopp. I can't seem to find it though...

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     Than again, he's been inactive 6 years. Hmmm... I definitely need to change the opening name, than.

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     Thanks! It got confusing when it didn't say the names. meh.png

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    Very impressive list you’ve got growing.
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    Why thank you!


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