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Is Chess960 ever going Live?

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    Oh, and a followup question - if it does somehow get implimented, could we nix the castling rules?  They're weird and counter-intuitive.

    - GargleBlaster

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    Contact the staff directly via Help & Support with this suggestion to make sure they see it.

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    a few weeks ago I wouldn't care a lot, now I think it'd be a really nice feature

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    I'm looking forward to it. It MUST have castling.

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    Chess960 on live chess would be fun. 

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    I've been reading through the other forum topics on this and the staff says thier working on it, but those posts are almost a year old and still no 960, so I wouldn't hold my breath.  Apparently trying to help people out by telling them were they can find it is "rude" and will get your post deleted, so all I can say is that it is on several other chess web sites so just look around and you'll find it.

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    Do chess960 have on live chess now?


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