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Looking for Opponents/Games?

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    When pieces are passing through the siege tower can they stop on the siege tower?

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    I'm open to theoretically hundreds of games.

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    A piece cannot be on the same square as a siege-tower. (I think there is some variant where a piece can go on top of a checker, but I forget what that does). Here is an example of a game with a siege-tower. It went for 104 moves!

    The other player left the forum, so you can't see his comments anymore, but all the game diagrams are still there. I lost.sad.png

    You'll have a dwarf also. Sounds like a dwarf can do some big damage, and coordinating two pieces to go against it will make for some great battles!happy.png

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    I've explained here that a pinned piece attacking a Dwarf counts, but a rontgen attack from the rear of two doubled rooks does not count.

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    Thanks for the extra diagrams about the dwarf. I added them to the rules.

    A thread for the game is (here) - I gave White to SuperSam1. This will be a great game to watch, especially with a new piece which roams around slowly, captures 1 square in all 8 directions, and is hard to capture.

    It will also be spectacular if a relatively new player to this forum wins against a more seasoned player - "Underdog vs. Pro"!!happy.png

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    Perhaps we should include HGMullers Werewolf in this tournament.



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    Currently the bulldog tournament is for bulldog-style games, which are on a 10x8 board. But I'm sure we can bring the werewolf to a 10x8 board, if someone is interested.happy.png


    Public announcement: Another witch has been captured! And Evert823 doesn't think hanging is bad enough punishment! (see here).


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    Public announcement #2:

    Huanglz's witch is now hanging from the gallows!!


  • #69

    Who wants to play me in a game of chess on an infinite plane?

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    I'll play, but can we start in about 1 week? I'll be less busy then. I also plan to start a tournament to identify a "World Champion" in infinite chess.

    This game often seems to last longer than normal chess, and some people make moves more slowly, so it wouldn't surprise me if it takes more than a year to complete the tournament. So every game and every move is more critical - if you fall off the bracket, another opportunity to challenge the champion may be a very long time away!

    I'm already in the bracket at the first level (here). So maybe players can enter the bracket at more than one slot? But if another opponent wants to play instead (before our game starts) I'll decline play so a new player can join the tournament.happy.png

    ...(my comment about being away for a few days was moved here).

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    Tournament update:

    vickalan resigned at move 39. Evert823 advances to Semi-finals!!


    Update to bracket:


    Games for semi-finals can be bulldog, bulldog legacy, bulldog with witch, or bulldog with angel. If no game is requested by both players then "bulldog with witch" is played. Game will start on or about Wednesdy, August 2.

    fyi: As with all games in the tournament, specific correspondence rules can be found (here). For fairness they will be strictly followed. Congratulations to players who have advanced to semi-finals.happy.png

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    Me, me , me, named wert

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    Thoughnamedwert, this topic is devoted to variants more weird than chefs 960. Also fun...

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    I never said chess 960.

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    I mostly wanna try all the variants of chess, simple.

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    Tournament update:

    HorusTheThird advances to semi-finals! Updated bracket:


    This Wednesday I'll start a thread for the semi-final game between Friedmelon and Evert823.

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    I can start one too, @friedmelon is another game with Witch and Guard OK?

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    Arjun316694 wrote:

    evert ill play u in zombie

    Where can I read the rules?

  • #79

    The rules are being decided (here), but the board setup is not finalized yet.

    Zombies slide (not jump) up to 2 squares in a rook's direction. But do they "scare" or not?

    If zombies scare, then all enemy pieces within its attacking range are "scared" so cannot move. With this I suggest a board like this (zombies start trapped behind pawns, like rooks normally are):

    If zombies are just "weak rooks" (sliding up to 2 squares only) then I suggest this board (lets them come out sooner - friendly pieces can jump over bulldogs):


    Let me know on either thread if/how you'd like to play. It's close enough to bulldog-style games, so will count for a players "score" in the bulldog-series.happy.png

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    My experience with pieces that have the ability to freeze other pieces is that they are immensely strong and soon dominate the game. I would recommend only one zombie.


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