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Hallway Chess: @vickalan VS @PixelByPixel

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    Welcome to:

    Hallway Chess!

    Game Setup:


    All pieces' movements stay the same.

    Castling: Castling is the same as regular chess, but the king moves left or right one square, while the rook goes to the opposite side of the king. The bishop may not remain in the back row when castling, regardless if it is between the King and Rook or not.

    Pawns promote only to Bishop or Rook.

    No 50 move draw.

    No three-fold repitition.

    I will NOT accept any draws, even in a losing position.

    @vickalan plays white. Good luck!

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    Nice easy-to-see big graphics! I like it.happy.png I'll play:


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    What is this?
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    A variant that I *just* made.

    1... d6.


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    How do pawns promote?
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    Same way, 8th or first, but only to bishop or rook.

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    (I doubt we will get our pawns over there.)

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    lets play!!

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    PBP, this seems pretty cool. Maybe you could make a different variation with some other pieces...?
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    A cool game made by you.

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    you are welcome!

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    hitthepin wrote:
    PBP, this seems pretty cool....

    My nickname for PixelByPixel is "PxP".happy.png



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    This Hallway chess is brilliant!

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    Pretty inventive.
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    Thanks! Moving in 3 hours.

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    Would any of you like to try this or another variant of mine?

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    BorpB0rpImA737 wrote:

    If you think this is genius, wait until you see Twin King Chess! I am waiting to play this against somebody.

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    you can castle on the first move

    might be the first variant that could do that


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