Two Feeds for Variants?


I saw a thread "Rant..." with a meandering message. Not sure of the point exactly, but probably related to this forum becoming more busy lately?

That's a very cool thing - new games (Hallway Chess and others!), new pieces (such as a Griffin!), new playing theory (flank attacks!), and so on! This is cool stuff!😍

If anyone thinks the variant forum has become "too busy" and stuff gets dropped to page 2 too quickly, one idea is for to make two variant forums such as:

1) variant discussions
2) variant games

Anyone agree? If so, I'll submit a "help" ticket to to see if they'll do this. In any case, keep up the good work with awesome new games and pieces!😊



I think so if musketeer evert and agrees.

Hi. I agree. If doesn’t want to create such a subforum I invite you to submit all your games in my forum where I’m going to create a subforum dedicated for games

Musketeer, is that forum already available or is it planned for the future?😐


(EEE! One of my games got mentioned!)


Here's an idea: use clubs.

You could create a variant club - or one club for each variant - and play your games in there.  Meanwhile, discussion of new games could happen in the main forum until you decide it's worth having its own club.

If the clubs have their forums set to public, then you can link to them in here in the main forums.

For example, say somebody invents something called Shotgun Chess.  You have a thread here in the main forums to discuss it, get feedback on the rules, etc.  When there's enough interest, you create a Shotgun Chess club, and link to it in the Shotgun Chess thread.  A game is started in the club forums, and you link to that thread in the Shotgun Chess thread in the main forum, so that anyone who wants to track the game knows where it is.  When the game is finished, you link to it again so people can go back and review it.

That way, the initial discussion is in the main forums, and the main forum threads get notifications again when new games begin and end, but all the moves of games in progress are buried so that only those who want to follow the game will see them.

You might want to have a forum post somewhere in the variants forum with a list and link to all the variant clubs.  For example, a link to your musketeer chess club, a link to your bulldog chess club, etc.  That way it's easy for someone new who wants to know to be able to see what's out there.

I think using club forums is a good idea.
PixelByPixel wrote:

(EEE! One of my games got mentioned!)

Hallway Chess (formerly Narrow Chess) is a great game. And there's plenty of others too, such as Event Chess (by Martin0), Eagle Chess (by JohnHS), Waterloo (by IvanKosintsev), the Musketeer class of games (by Musketeerchess), and way too many others to mention! I don't even want to get into mentioning new pieces, but the witch with rules specified some time ago by @evert823 deserves a mention.happy.png

What about Valkyrie chess?

That's another one. Feel free to post a link - it helps show the big number of games and pieces played on these forums.

Btw, I did send a suggestion to to create a new forum topic (described above). I'll post here if they send me a reply. But I probably won't push it too much. I actually don't think there is a problem - if others think there is a problem they are free to send suggestions to too.happy.png

Having a whole section just to play would be pretty cool too.

Thanks @MGleason and @hitthepin for your ideas. I was curious what other forums exist for variants, and there's at least two:

1) The "Chess Variant Pages" - this forum has an immense collection of historical and new information about variants. Forums exist for general discussion and games too.

2) "The Chess Variant Forum" - this forum is new, and is also an excellent site for user-generated content.

With these other sites if anyone is unhappy here others exist. User content stays at the top longer (for people who think that's important).

As for this forum, my guess is that is happy that they're at the forefront for chess-variant content. I think this is the #1 site for the latest and most innovative variants created from people all around the world! Due to the increased popularity the last few weeks, I submitted a suggestion to expand the feed into two or more. (anyone else is free to contact them too).

Also, there's a (specific forum) for suggestions. In the meantime, it's great to see all the games, new chess pieces, and ideas from everyone. So cool!😍


You can also submit suggestions using the option under the Help menu.


@MusketeerChess2017 is the only diamond membership... I think he can create a club? Whatever. Don't forget my new capture the flag! tongue.png


 BTW that specific forum took me to the Help and Suggestions. You said specific forum? tongue.png

vickalan wrote:

Musketeer, is that forum already available or is it planned for the future?😐



sorry for this late answer. I wasn't aware of your answer till now !


My forum is already online.

You have to register and have your account validated before being able to submit something.

Trusted poeple will have also more capabilities.


All forum participants that want to play games, be able to submit new threads etc, please send me a mail to musketeerchess (a) with your nickname to be able to manage your account rapidly.

i haven't yet created a specific zone for game play, but this takes a few minutes, i just have to find time to do it.