Music in ChessTV intermissions


-- does any one know what it is / where it is from?

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I don't remember the music, but I know that a lot of background/intermission music on YouTube/Twitch etc. uses music from the music database "Jingle Punks." Jingle/song writers create music and receive an immediate commission from the project, but then don't get anything after that. The point of Jingle Punks is a way to get a community of music together into a database where the user doesn't need to cite the source; all music on Jingle Punks is "No Copyright Sound" or the like, so anyone can use that music (without citing song details) and it is not copyright.

Sadly, this makes it extremely difficult to find songs you want (since the place you heard it from is not required to cite the source), but if you check out Jingle Punks, then you will be surprised by how many songs you recognize. There are a few common background music songs I am still looking for sad.png


During the intermissions of the Speed Chess Championships and the super GM tournaments, they play a repeating loop of orchestral string music. I like listening to it. I don’t know what it is.


Thanks for responding, guys! Alas, the question still hangs… wink.png


A staff member told me the source of the SCC intermission music is


Anyone tried Shazam ing it?