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Selection of best player in Magnus Chess Corner Club

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We hope you could play for our team in an honor of the World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen!




1) If you score first place, your reward will be the 1st Place custom tournament trophy + A Year of Diamond Membership from Top-Gifter. diamond.png 



2) If you score second place, your reward will be the 2nd Place custom


tournament trophy + A Year of Gold Membership from Top-Gifter.



3) If you score third place, your reward will be the 3rd Place custom tournament trophy + A Year of Gold Membership from Top-Gifter.


4) All games are Rated, therefore no cheating. We have a moderator in charge who will be taking care of the games.

5) Have fun and good luck winning through the top three! You'll be very welcomed to join.

That's it! Wish you luck! grin.pngRelated image

"You guys can do me a good favour by joining this tourney, i wish that you possess everything that helped you improve your chess, and it's time for Magnus Tournament Season, so show him your strengths. Sjakk-matt it to the top! ~ Top-Gifter

Rating Range - <2400


only 1 Rule:

you need to be a Member of Magnus

Chess Corner club to be able to


Lifetime diamond membership accounts will be excluded from gifting.

Selection of best player in Magnus Chess Corner Club

And remember:

The Competition is based on this time:

Coordinated Universal Time: UTC Clock

🚫Engine users are not welcome!!🚫

  • What do you get from the tournament (if you don’t win a prize)?

    Experience & Practice

Members that join My Premium Gifted matches. Please remember that you're playing your games on behalf of the Your teammates, besides yourselves, have an interest in the outcome of your games. So do not timeoutresign (unless the game is totally lost), or agree to a draw without making your very best effort to win! Have fun, enjoy your games but respect the group and your fellow team mates!

Good luck to all MCC members - CHESS L❤️VERS!

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There is only 1 rule but you are saying that we need to be a member of for 1 year. That’s 1 more rule.


sir can you make it free?


joined already

Levent_Acemi wrote:

I understand everything but how to join.

you have to join the club  <<   Magnus Chess Corner   >> 


Hi Levent_Acemi  you are MCC member happy.png

Startdato: 27. okt. 2020

Bli med - translated from Norwegian to English is join ,click on "Bli Med" link Below to join


i want



Santi720 wrote:

yo hablo español de gustaria hacer blogs de este idioma

eres en este club?

Santi720 wrote:


entonces, ¿por qué hablas de tu blog?


why was i removed from the tournament