Blocking Members Manifesto

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    timbeau wrote:

    Well, that is nice: my choice of 'rest' is preferably assured. 
    Actually, your oh-so casual last paragraph quite spoiled  the relaxed, couldn't-care-less attitude of someone intent on -strictly- deserved pleasure. But maybe that's the way of the Middle-Man; the state of rest is dependent on the state of others. Or, if you prefer, your very particular market. 
    Thank goodness you don't waste your valuable down-time with also-rans!
    Leaving  us nobodies in no doubt as to your extremely important real-life.
    During these periods of relaxation and just switching off from the endless grind of your unbelievably manipulative, suspicious, predatory, sexist, sneaky, self-satisfied, arrogantly competitve -perhaps even pathologically so- 'business and lifestyle mentoring' that rakes in the 'good-life' for your goodself?
    Or have I got the wrong movemeister? In which case, sorry.
    But if I haven't, well, I guess...who gives a toss?!

    You most definitely have the wrong movemeister according to any of the above.

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    Blocks to the people, commrade!

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