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Cheating on CHESScom

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    i don't like people who cheat on CHESScom

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    you should read the FAQ on how ratings are calculated.  for new players on chess.com there is no 'history' to help with the calculations so the ratings will swing wildly by several hundred points each time.  the solution is not to play new players, or set your game filters to only accept players with certain number of games or minimum/maximum ratings.  this is not cheating.

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    I can't find anybody rated over 2000 in your recent game history.

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    Cheating is not to be discussed in the main forum. Instead use the Cheating Forum (http://www.chess.com/groups/view/cheating-forum)

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    did you read post#2 window ? he work out is not about cheating is about the rating

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    show me the game and player?


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