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Chess.com Disconnects & Adjourn Part 3 - Please give your opinion!

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    This is one area that other web sites do better: your game can be automatically adjourned, and it available to play later if opponent is online, and you get a popup notification where you can click "resume" or something like "not now" (paraphrase).

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    And!  I left out: if the person that disconnected does NOT resume when that opportunity arises (their opponent is available), THEN it is forfeit if they don't accept the "resume" option...  Also, it is forfeit if they don't  get a resume within X days (I think it was like 10 days?)....

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    On multiple occations, I have been disconnected by the the Chess.com server durring Tournament games. A popup appears and states "disconnected...reconnecting". When it finally reconnects, I have been booted from the tournament with no way of re-entering. This is aggravating. Especially when victory is in sight. Any ideas to resolve this problem in the future?

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    yes ...it's an old post ..but

    Smilelike for adjournment option on slower time control...


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