Maybe offices need some vacuum cleaner work.

😎 I’m here
Socks4ever wrote:
Can anyone tell me exactly what this “ community clean up “ group have actually achieved in this direction ! 🤷‍♂️so far all I’ve seen is a load of rhetoric the old saying goes “ action speaks louder than words “

The last time a lady convinced us to help, we didn't even get paid.  In fact we got arrested for breaking and entering. 

Lol 😂
Lol .👌👌🥳🥳😂😜
When a certain person post a comment, saying “ I unblocked him because he asked me to “ knowing full well that I had been muted, thus unable to post a reply and correct this untruth . I never ever under any circumstances whatsoever, ask a member to unblock me, because it means nothing to me, life goes on, blocked or unblocked I’ve put the record straight on this one.
Tater_Mater wrote:

Want to clean up this community?...

Figure out a way to purge the thousands of engine cheaters. If not purge, at least quarantine them to their own separate little island of cheaters. (Not "little" sorry -- the island would be HUGE!!!!)

We cannot do that.

And cheaters are hard to catch, and a rare occurrence

52yrral wrote:

They've blocked the *Bad Guys* 😬😇

I haven't blocked anyone wink.png

i-shot-the-sheriff wrote:

bad guys pretending to be good guys punishing the good guys they think are the bad guys.

Hmm don't get me wrong, but people who joined the same date they said this or 1 hr ago screaming Colby is a fat chick are the good guys? 

Huh, insightful

Socks4ever wrote:
The “ cleaning up” of the site, should be left to the mods , and not to a group of vigilantes that are simply causing more unnecessary friction amongst the members.

Winston Wolf is a cleaner role model.