conditional moves letting me castle an R that is under attack from an N


I once read that this situation happened in a Korchnoi game: his opponent castled when his rook passed across a square which was under attack. Then Korchnoi stopped his clock and made a complaint to the arbiter, who stared him with awe, one of the best players in the world didn't know that move was completely legal!


He knew. He admitted it on his deathbed. He was just biding time.


whoa! such acting under pressure, that's quite the mettle : ) did he end up winning the game?


There r sooo many funny stories about otb chess games throughout history, even world title matches. I wonder if it was true about Korchnoi and Karpov competing/struggling for leg room under the table and kicking each other so they had to put a board as a partition to separate their legs during one of their world championship matches.

I guess neither won the feet and leg battle, it ended up a draw.