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    i'v seen ligers but no i did not realize ther wuz tigons as u describe .. interesting! jus looked it up .. tigons also called tiglons. & according2the pix i'm c'n it's show'n ligers w/lion heads & manes but show'n tigons/tiglons w/tiger heads w/o manes so since my hybrid pic has the lion head it'd look like the liger pix i'm c'n (which linguistically makes sense as i sed above cuz the dominant traits should b represented1st in the name)

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    I heard they're crossing humans and chimpanzees = humanzees, to make an army of super soldier?

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    y not! only a handful of chromosomes separate us! lol Tongue Out

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    A super army for sure, why stop there although, how about crossing geniuses with these chimps?

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    & then clone sum dinosaur dna til we hv dragon-like hybrids4our genius humanzees2ride upon in2battle!

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    Do we have any dinosaur dna?

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    i imagine if we hv fossils thers sum sumwhere (tho may b2degraded4current science2use yet w/o crossing-it w/DNA from their predecessors) tho i do believe Jurassic Park wuz based on actual real-life evidence & then taken2the next level in2Sci-Fi obviously but the amber-sap preserved prehistoric mosquito might very well hv preserved dinosaur blood! ... heck ... we may hv Christ's DNA preserved on the shroud of Turin ... 2nd coming via clone? Tongue Out

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    I would have to research this further, do they really have a mosquito in amber sap?

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    this wuz like late 80's early 90's wen i heard bout it so idk! worth research'n4sure tho ... heck we wuz successfully cloning frogs in the 50's but took a few decades2becum public knowledge!

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    i've been told you change it whenever. 

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    What does Nameno1had think about this?

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    lol .. nemo iz a product of genetically altered cloning already! a personified fictional fish Tongue Out

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    Master_Kaina wrote:

    & then clone sum dinosaur dna til we hv dragon-like hybrids4our genius humanzees2ride upon in2battle!

    I met someone who claimed to be a dinosaur yet I suspect too many pharmaceuticals had gone to his head.  And I've been called Dragon however I believe this had something to do with my wrath.

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    the shroud was already proven to be only a legend....as far as any of that other stuff.....IDK, never thought about it....

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    stanhope13 guessed my middle name!

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    Grey wolf :)

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