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Debate: What to call "Online Chess"...

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    Thank you friend ketchuplover!

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    Correspondence chess implies correspondence of some kind between the players, such as traditional postal mail or email. This is turn-based chess. You make a move when it is your turn and your opponent does the same - and there is no direct correspondence between players. The server does that. Just my two cents...

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    In divorce law, the "corespondent" is the mistress or lover of the unfaithful spouse.  Might be quite appropos for many of us--- depends on the number of hours/day spent playing chess and posting brilliant, informative, relevant and supremely witty comments in forums ... like this forum ........  hmm.........

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    chess for bread crumb eaters

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    Thanks, motherinlaw, but the astute reader will surely see that "co-respondent" is spelled with only one "r"...

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    How about "slow chess", since you have days to make a move; or perhaps "untimed chess".

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    In modern parlance .."Chess  24/7"

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    chess.com is better than chessfriends.com Tongue out

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    "Chess.com 24/7 "

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    Has anyone suggested "2-D Chess?"  If not, perhaps it's because you all have better judgment than do I.

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    "Offline Chess"

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    @ motherinlaw and e4nf3

    'Now some they do and some they don't

    and some you just cant tell

    and some they will and some they won't

    with some it's just as well !! '

    (Edited 01 May)

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    quasimoto chess

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    You_haxored_me wrote:

    You old-timers are funny. Arguing about whether a word is correct or not. Like who decided that? TOFPOOE - The Old Fart People Organization of Earth.


    Anyway, my vote is for Daily Chess. Correspondence Chess probably sounds cool to those old enough to remember using the telegragraph.


    You youngens make a big deal over nothing, and want to make everything sound like a playstation game. :p   Just KIdddingggggggggggggg :)

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    It is what it is.  Don't call it something cute. 

    It is a rook!  Not a castle!

    It is a knight!  Not a horsey!

    It is Correspondence Chess!

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    Except that, unlike correspondence chess , replies can be virtually instantaneous 24/7

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    Compudence chess.  Half computer half correspondence.  Sounds better than Corruponter.  


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