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    I've been here on this website for a couple or three good years already. 

    I've been in touch, personally, with many of you - Kings, commoners and knaves. 

    I also know, that many of you are either musicians, or music lovers - some of you turn to me from time to time with questions, suggestions, ideas, or even appreciation of the music I put from time to time on my YouTube channel. 

    You may be happy to know, that last week I started a new PIANO PLAYING TIPS BLOG!

    You are invited to check it out at www.itzhaksolsky.com, and let me know how you like it. 

    In addition, add me as a friend on Facebook (I'm Itzhak Solsky) - or better still, LIKE my artist page there (www.itzhaksolsky.com), and then you'll be updated every time I publish a new post (which will probably be around once a week, more or less). 

    Stay tuned!

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    cool, how do you start a blog??

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    Tip 1 : find a piano

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    manspider29 wrote:

    cool, how do you start a blog??

    Hover over "Home" (on the right side of the screen, at the top), click on "Blog", then click "Write new blog"

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    Click on blog! Not on block! G not k!

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    There are many options to start blogs, also out of chess.com. 

    My blog is hosted by wordpress.com - which is an excellent host. 

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    It's true... I'm already used to the situation where a new piano student comes to study with me, and then I discover that he's a chess player - sometimes amateur, in some cases a GM...

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    A GM?!? Did you challenge your GM piano student to a match or start taking chess lessons from him or something? That sounds pretty amazing to suddenly discover your student is a GM...

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    No, he gave him some tips on the Giuoco Piano. Smile

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    AussieRookie good one!


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