Does anyone know where is based?


obviously they have a home office as i recall they had a reunion before as they showed once on chesstv.  maybe it was around the time of the danny v david "Death Match" colorado or california i don't recall.  i recall reading once that the site owner may also own  don't hold me to hearsay or my memory, although mine is fairly reliable...

who runs something and who or what accesses something and gives meaning to it each a distinct story...  major sites are inundated with information, much of it trivial ... Innocent


It is The Matrix. The world is one gigantic Truman Show run by Goldbergers Entertainment Inc. has no physical location. It only exists inside a supercomputer network in the next multiverse.


Makes sense to me!


It's in the metaverse.


Hmmm. I always suspected that Danny Rensch and that "poet guy" were Matrix-style projections of a supercomputer omni-mind.

Now I know that I was right. I am. They are not real. Nothing is real. We are all. We are nothing. We are the one-mind cosmos. We are the game. Wwe are the fools. We are the puppets.

winerkleiner wrote:

They are based only in our minds, we are dreaming all this, chess sites like these are all an illusion.

See post 18.  It was my version of the same idea.

Big_Daddy_10 wrote:

They are located in this small recessed unlit room from whence you get to exhault in your splendid victories and cry in shame over your stupid mistakes and loses...Then suddenly you awake from a drug induced comatose state to find that you are chained in the middle of a padded white room to impead movement, with a straight jacket on to keep your hands and arms from doing things they shouldn't and a neck brace to keep you head straight...or is it only in your mind?

You're right, it was only in my mind!


Bottom of page:


The owner lives in California. The postal address indicates California.


Anyone building a picture, yet?

TheGrobe wrote:

The Internet, I think.

that was my thought also, without looking up the address...

s_palin1984 wrote:

That would be all the more reason to not have the site "based" on california.

A little plausible distance, limitation of liability, all that stuff.

Oh really?

winerkleiner wrote:

They are based only in our minds, we are dreaming all this, chess sites like these are all an illusion.

matrix, much?

anyways, believe it or not, scientists are actually trying to find out if we live in a matrix

just google it


In the core of the sun.


In a parallel universe.

AdamRinkleff isn't based anywhere. It doesn't exist. Time for your meds.


In strawberry fields?


In the sky with Lucy?


In a yellow submarine?


In an Indian ashram with that transcendal meditation yogi guru guy who ruined the Beatles?


Yoko Ono was Japanese.