Free GM-Instruction Giveaway!

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    Such generousity! Who is this mysterious 'one student'?

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    Sorry, Somehow I replied to another post in here Embarassed

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    Well, jhb, that's a VERY generous thing to do, and we've also become aware of the generosity of William_Smitham, too! Great people on this site and so glad we (ChessMarkstheSpot) became a part of it! LaughingCool

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    all this noise for a GM explaining rooks endgame? Aren't there tons of GM videos on the subject in this site? I really don't understand all the excitement...

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       Well I know for sure I am going to studying rook endgames, watching the vids and doing whatever I can to practice this before the seminar. To be able to talk to a GM about this Live, it's an early X-Mas present.

      23 minutes to showtime. Cool


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    How long does The Panda and Poet Show last?

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    Hey I won a seat by answering a question on The Panda and the Poet show. What do I do now?

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       I know I am pumped for this thanks to the generosity of a good friend. Going to have to study Silman's Endgame Course book and soak up the videos like a sponge. There's a lot happening in that December week.  Laughing


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    Did I win?

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