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    It is a pleasure to be playing you all.  I haven't interacted, in nearly forty years.  So, all of you are teachers.  Thank you and God bless you all.

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    Welcome Rocky!

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    You are 100% right on.

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    may i become a good teacher,god bless you too.

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    Become?  Become is an assumption.  You are is an ascertion.  Therefore you are a good teacher.  And a teriffic individual for constantly moving forward.

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    You inspire any generation with your contemporary atitude!

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    Maseh wrote:

    You inspire any generation with your contemporary atitude!

    SmileThank you for your very generous comment.  God bless you and your loved ones and the very best to you, always.Laughing

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    Innocenterik wrote:

    Welcome Rocky!


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    If i'm not mistaken, we played for the firsth time about 8 months ago. Also, it was the time i got the honor of making it to your friends list. I will never forget how you made me feel from the firsth chat message you gave with your opening move. I hope you feel the tremendous amount of pleasure you create for those around you. As karma has no deadline great things are expected to come your way! -Juho


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