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    We can help convert in many languages in India. There are many languages in India. Contact me in case interested as I don't visit forums often.

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    proknight just go to settings. I have Chinese on my phone and computer

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    Maybe if you guys pay us I will help. You guys can afford to hire people. This isn't a free website.

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     En passant is en passant in french. I will accept any gifted membership as payment, you're welcome. But really though, isn't there's an app for that?

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    Please add Persian (Farsi)

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    i coud help if you want an arabic translation

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    Since google-related sites cannot be reached from China (mainland), I suggest you to deposit your files to some other sites.

    If you need to test the accessibility of the new site where you deposit your file, please contact me, I'm happy to help.

    After this problem is solved, I'd like to help translating to Chinese.

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    Bonne chance (French of good luck)


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