Live chess ratings


I was reading about the live chess testing now ongoing, when this question came to my mind: how the rating system will work after live chess will became available?

Just one rating for both classical and live games or (which solution I would rather prefer) a new specific rating will be added  for blitz games ? 

And finally, if this is not yet decided, could we discuss the matter or maybe have a survey of this topic?



there will be 3 ratings: bullet, blitz, and standard

just like on other major chess servers :) 

Great to hear! And with the introduction of live chess play maybe we will be listed among the other major chess servers.
What time options will be available; and which will be considered blitz & which bullet?
you can set your own time limits (any # of minutes, any # of second add-on). i can't recall which is considered which, but there is a formula that figures that out :)
Bullet chess is 1 minute per side (some say that bullet chess is 3 minutes per side).  Blitz chess is usually 5 minutes (or less) per side.  Some play it at 10 minutes per side, but that is usually called rapid chess from 10 to 25 minutes per side.  Any game that is 15 minutes or less per side is called rapidplay chess.  Drinking too much beer before a chess game is known as blitzed chess.

I think there are several different practices for naming chess speeds. The USCF has two categories: G/30 and longer is Standard, G/60 and shorter is Quick (anything between G/30 and G/60 may be rated as both). I believe the term "rapid" is used by FIDE. I don't recall the time controls, but Bill probably has it right.


On the original internet servers (FICS, ICC) anything less than G/3 minutes is lightning/bullet. This includes games with increment such as 1 minute + 2 seconds (increment). But 10 seconds + 5 seconds is considered blitz on those servers.  Standard time controls on those servers start at G/15. This is actually quite fast compared to OTB chess.


In the end there's no set in stone definition of what different time controls are labelled, or what is rated together. In the end, the powers that be (in our case, the owners of make a decision, draw some lines, and we all play by those rules as fair as we think they are or aren't. 

If you drink whisky, you have to play the Scotch.  If you drink gin, you have to play a sloe time control.
I would like to have a separate rating for traditional and warp speed chess. I'm hoping bullet chess will take all of the "HURRY UP!" players away from correspondence chess.

Live Chess Ratings is online now -