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Love the new design.Great job

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    Love the new design Erik & staff great job from you Californian guys. Keep going Cool

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    +1.. A lot of people complaining, I can understand them. But most of the bugs will be fixed within a couple of days. Be patient. 


    P.S. The new format is much better than old. 

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    +1.. Haters gonna hate, but, the new look is outstanding.

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    Cleaner and easier to navigate.  I particularly like the new home page for online chess.

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    Right guys, people are always afraid of changing for news.....but this is a great improvement and I put this to thanks and show our support to Erik and friends. Never stop dreaming and get better :-)

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    Looks great.  Good job chess.com !!

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    I love it Cool

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    don't want to be a party pooper but I quite liked the old design - it seemed clearer then when I needed to make a move in response to that of my opponent. One feature I do like is seeing at a glance the board positions of all the games I am playing.

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    looks like a ghost town here!


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    Sorry I must admit I don't use other platform other than my beloved mac lap, so I understand....but I'm sure it will be redisigned entirely for new devices also it will only take some extra time for you maybe chess players :-) 

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    Natanfk wrote:

    I hated it. Can't play by iPhone anymore. I can't understand this NEED to change when people are USED to the thing. Like orkut and twitter, You get used to the look of the site, and then it completely changes. There was no need of changing it.


    Did Chess.com iPhone app stopped working? Mine works fine. 

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    13 posts in this thread compared to almost 130 in the thread claiming it sucks.  10 to 1 against?

    Please make it usable so we can fairly try it out.  2 minutes to refresh a page is just rediculous.

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    Natanfk wrote:

    Nope, I never used the app, because is not available on brazilian app store. The safari ALWAYS worked just fine with chess.com, but after this "update", I can't make moves anymore. I can click in the piece, but when I click in the place I want it to go, it just doesn't move.

    I am having a similar problem.  However I find that if you refresh the screen then try it it sometimes works.

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    looks so cool... personally i haven't experienced any problems with it so far

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    This thread is mostly posts from online players.

    At least they (about 15 so far) seem to like the new format. Whatever.

    At the present time, the threads don't give you the time of their postings?

    If a thread has been dormant for a month (or a year), why should one post bring it back to life?  There is no time stamp in the new format?

    Eventually some form of the time stamp will reappear.  Let's hope.


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