Magnus Carlsen's image


Few can argue that Magnus Carlsen is the most popular chess player in the world today and he is earning hundreds of thousands of dollars from sponsorships.

However, it seems he could be doing a little better with his public image. He should understand the somewhat negative image he presents when he goes to post-game news conferences. He slouches in his chair and does not seem to even want to be there. He barely answers the questions and often replies to a question by saying, "I agree with what Vishy said."

This surely does not make his sponsoring companies happy. Especially the clothing company which is paying him to present a positive, masculine image that can be associated with its products.

Of course, the most important thing is for him to win the WCC match, and then all will be forgiven.


I dont Carlsen honestly. yah he is good but i reallly dont like his personality


Judging by the lack of comments, it seems that chess players don't care about image or how they present themselves to the world!


He seems young and honest. Look at politicians--well dressed, good manners, and the most self-centered dishonest people in the world. I'll take the honest young manWink