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March post of the month

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    some good posts this month .. all in all.

    what was the best iyho ?

    i liked this one

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    Hey! Americans are fine people! (but I couldn't eat a whole one).

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    day one of the voting and it couldn't be tighter.

    ilikeflags 1 Doggy_Style 1

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    I vote for this one:

    • 3 days ago · Quote · #24


      hoynck wrote:

      None of the Americans in chess nowadays is an original American.

      Do I spot an oxymoron?

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    I nominate hoynck's original post:

    3 days ago·Quote·#1


    I am a member now here at Chess.com for over a month.
    I like the site better than I liked any other major chess site before.
    But I am also very much aware Chess.com is basically an American chess site, with a lot of Amercan players. And - sorry to say so - this is not a recommendation. American culture and chess just don't match.
    It is very annoying to read all those posts from ignorant low graded people, dropping pieces all over the board, trying to discuss wether they should play the Najdorf or the Sveshnikov. Americans, in general, are really very much worse than European players in understanding that there are no cheap and quick courses to master the game.

    I'll quote my favorite Dutch GM Jan-Hein Donner once again:
    How different is chess in the United States. The game of chess has never been held in great esteem by the North Americans. Their culture is steeped in deeply anti-intellectual tendencies. They pride themselves in having created the game of poker. It is their national game, springing from a tradition of westward expansion, of gun-slinging skirt chasers who slept with cows and horses. They distrust chess as a game of Central European immigrants with a homesick longing for clandestine conspiracies in quiet coffee houses. Their deepest conviction is that bluff and escalation will achieve more than scheming and patience (witness their foreign policy)."

    Definitely the most hotly debated post of this month.

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    Hey! Americans are fine people! (but I couldn't eat a whole one).


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    Update on the scoring after heavy support for Doggy_Style

    Doggy_Style 3 Hoynck 1

    ilikeflags is on a bye into the next round of voting unless someone takes him on.

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    Another one for Doggy-immediately before the lock.


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    AlCzervik wrote:

    Another one for Doggy-immediately before the lock.



    Dollars to donuts, he posted that after the lock.

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    What was really strange is that it was the last post prior to the lock. Hours later another post was there.

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    i think that was a different thread Alc.

    i posted a big fat gorilla gif abandoning the thread and it was binned and the thread locked. then Doggy's pic came in after the lock.

    another locked thread had another dude's post after the lock.

    lotta lockin goin' on!

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    March was hoynck's swansong & the doggie's tail wagged.

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    did hoynck go boink ?

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    He was unable to walk on water and went ploink.

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    Who was he?  Wikstrom?

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    Jamie-lee maybe?


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