Mouse Slip - how to react?


oh never mind


Sometimes I mouseslip and the mouseslip was actually better than what I had in mind... accidental brilliance sometimes lol


I feel like I am almost obligated*** to tell my opponent about my mouse-slips during the game or straight after (via the email/message system).

Because if I don't, I get too many messages that are like ", you were winning, how did you mess that up...".

***: Except in a tournament, as my opponent usually doesn't have time to query me, before the next round (at least, IMO).

Note: I have a condition that causes me to have shaky hands / spasms (especially when too anxious or excited).


A bit off topic to this thread, but the reason I am here is because I searched, "svidler's mouse slip" , as I had never heard of that opening^^^ before (I am fairly easily distracted, so I kept scrolling down the search results, and found this thread).

^^^: Either myself, or my opponent did this during a recent game.


i moused slipped in a winning position


Attempting to play the Dutch a week or two ago, I mouse slipped and played 1…f6. To make the best of it, I then played 2…Kf7 and worked my king around to d8 via the sixth rank after transferring the queen to e8.

I was losing until my opponent walked into a mate in one. I could hear him cursing although half a world away.

Hardboiledeggs wrote:

My question to the greater chess community is, what is the proper etiquette if your opponent has a "mouse slip". I recently played a game where my opponent made a bad move and claimed he had a mouse slip. I would have let it pass but he accused me of taking advantage of him. I considered his behavior petty and ungentlemanly but it begged a bigger question. What is the proper thing to do? There must be a rule in regular chess if a player drops his piece, etc.

Yours truely, Hardboiledeggs

At any level, if you touch one of your own pieces, you must move it. I believe the same applies to a mouse slip. If the guy's mouse slips, it's his own bad coordination that is to blame. My mouse is pretty bad itself, so don't think I'm a blame everybody but myself kinda guy.