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New Site Design Feedback

  • #1281

    It's pathetic how often you can click on the chess puzzle of the day and it will take you to the forum list or who knows what else.

  • #1282

    I Have been having To wait extra long to navigate on the new format since its activation. at first i got so many "Awe Snaps on google chrome that i had to shut it down for a bit and use explorer. now it works on google chrome but takes way longer than the old format....

    and at the bottem left corner of the page it says, when its waiting, "Waiting for chess.com"... Alot of times it times out and asks if it should wait, or cancel...but it always shows in the bottem left corner,"Waiting on Chess.com"

    can i please get some feed back from staff on this issue, please....

  • #1283

    if a problem is really annoying you, and you can't function on the site well, then you should be sending in a ticket.. you can't rely on staff to always see these comments. But if they have a ticket to answer, they will answer it.

  • #1284
    chess_kebabs wrote:

    if a problem is really annoying you, and you can't function on the site well, then you should be sending in a ticket.. you can't rely on staff to always see these comments. But if they have a ticket to answer, they will answer it.

    I think he just wants to bitch in public.

  • #1285

    "I put tickets in to watch movies ,,get ice cream, and the Like, i dont put tickets in here, because, its obvious, that things are slower, i guess babs is a staff member now, and she puts her complaints here, and when every body else does, she buts her brown nose in where it dont belong.....only because when there is an obvious issue, and staff does not respond , she, respponds herself, with a public relations response,. pugt a tickets in for us babs ,,,since you care so much,,, and come back with an honest response,,,,if you dare too...or better yet,,,,when some body asks for a staff member to respond,,,butt out....thank yoju and have a good brown nose day.....

  • #1286

    typing in the dark,,exscuse the spell check....


  • #1287

    B***h/complain all you like in public Billy and not bother sending in tickets, but it's not a smart move to get any answers solved. But hey, if you love wasting your time so much then keep on doing it. 

    There was no sign of brown nosing there or any sign of being in with staff.. you just are too stubborn to take any advice.. you are a lost cause. 

  • #1288

    then why when you have an issue Babs, you put it here? just a question? no need to get worked up.. i am a lost cause, at least i  dont try and brown nose to find my way back.....


    esides, for the third time i am asking a staff member about the issue and not yoyu..so please, pretty please, with a brown browny top, let staff answer, and control yourself.....

    i should knickname you,,,"TicketMaster".

  • #1289

    whatever Billy.. keep up with being a pain in everyone's ass.. see how far it gets you in life with friendships and with favourable results / official help.. both things you don't know how to conduct yourself with.. 

    I won't be responding to you anymore.. you don't appreciate help or advice when it's offered, instead you start b***hing again. Showing your wonderful character there Billy, yet again, but no surprises with  you anymore. I'll just do what everyone else does with you when you bark non stop here and in the feedback group notes.. ignore you.

  • #1290

    thanks babs, i though i asked three times,, and the last one was please,, but thats ok...just stating the obvious...wanting to know if things mighjt speed up like they were,,but you,,in your wonderfull glory, has painted me as a bad guy,,when i was just asking , how much longer..thanks again babs,,,for all those personal attacks..that you and others are famous for getting away with,,while us othjers get flushed out of another group...save the physcho babble for your family members please.....

  • #1291
    chess_kebabs wrote:

    Since you want the suggestions together here in this forum now Erik, will repeat:

    Please add more contrast/sharpness/brightness/vibrancy by bolding up 'some' text. The headings in particular.. it's very flat/dull at the moment. Pt size, font chosen, spacing is all fine for me. Also add a little colour between each comment/post, just to separate comments a little more. It's one extreme to the other from old to  new design, and I think a little "meet in the middle' would be ideal. 

    Also can the trophies  be made identifiable again please. And can we select which trophies can be put in the showcase on your profile, like before. Not a big issue but was a nice feature. 

    heres just one babs....

  • #1292
    chess_kebabs wrote:

    Also can you please reinstate having NEW MESSAGES, GROUP ACTIVITY ALERTS, NEW COMMENTS, above the TOURNAMENT MATCHES, TEAM MATCHES, CHESS GAMES like it was set up in the Old Format, as having to scroll too much all the time.  I check my games list to see what games I have to move in first anyway.  

    Also please give the option to hide our friends list.

    uno mas

  • #1293

    No one needs to  paint you as a bad guy Billy.. you do it well on your own..  the group was very relieved to see the back of you.. to see the end to your b****g there, like you do everywhere. There are enough witnesses to that.. you're just very blind to seeing what you do... I was too patient with you, but enough was enough and you deserved that boot you got.. for the 2nd and final time.. I have booted maybe 3-4 people in 3 years.. you're the first who  got a combined 2nd chance / 2nd boot. Just as well you couldn't see all the members comments after you left. I actually apologised to the group for not doing it sooner after I saw their reaction. "Finally some fresh air" was the most common comment. Special favours you try to do for a 'friend', but when you stretch that friendship beyond reasonable expectations then you left me no choice. You love to insult people and you were insulting many there often.. hence many threw a party at your departure. I'm still cleaning up after the mess.. 

  • #1294

    Also do you know how many other Group leaders wrote to me to say how do I manage handling Billy? How did I do it? There were a few..  that was obviously before you got the boot.. 

  • #1295
    chess_kebabs wrote:
    Lazaneo87 wrote:


    Lazaeno87, please read the comments posted by staff. Erik has already said in this forum before you  made this post that the friends list will be able to be hidden soon. They are working on it. Also typing in large text is not a good way to get heard. People don't appreciate being what looks like shouted at and it's not necessary as we are not all 5 year olds who  need large font to be able to read what you are saying.  

    thats u responding where its not ur bees wax....and thats page 2 ...2 resquest with 20 requests built inside . and one case of personally brown nosing and attacking some body that was not talking to you...get a grip...there are 70 more pages i have yet to look through...when we ask something you personally attack the way we ask ort us personally..please....

  • #1296

    babs this is a redisign group forum...nothing to do with u personally putting me downnnn....i can go through 70 more pages of this forum and see how you ask for bells and whistles,,,while when me and others want to know about a real big issue,,,u down play it...how many more request do you have in the other 70 pges and how many other people that are peed off about an issue have u personally atttacked....and gotten away with it....? 

  • #1297

    aznd u cuss,,use profanity,,right here in front of the stafff,,,,,and get away with it,,,are not u so speciall.......

  • #1298

    you were the one doing the first attacking here Billy.. but again you're blind.. and wonder why you cop what you cop.

    I tried to help you by telling you to send in a ticket, so you can actually get some real help.. instead you attack me. Sorry, i don't take attacks lying down. And if they continue an abuser can expect to be reported.

    Sure I will mention here if there is a bug or a problem, or in the feeback group notes, but if I see no response from staff then I send in a ticket for it to get a response, a result one way or another. Just like everyone else does, or should. Which you though said you don't want to do and never do.. good on ya.. you are so wise.  

    re: the request for hiding the friends list.. that was asked by hundreds of people on the site.. it was very unpopular by many to not have the option to hide it, not just asked by me. Hence the staff finally got it fixed, not because I asked for it, because many asked for it. But again you are  blind to seeing/knowing what's going on around you.  

  • #1299

    and now I am switching off from you, because I gave you  more time than you deserve.

    Hope you wake up soon and learn how to communicate with people so they respect you, and so you can get some real help.. which you need in more ways than one. 

    Back to something a lot more productive.

  • #1300

    babs i am not looking for your Foregiveness, i am not looking to get back in your group,,, iwas asking a question, here like you do,, and i was asking staff, not you, i asked please, staff respond..and u butted in ,,,,,with a big big brown, kevlar coated nose. 

    why even when i ask please. that u have to pull my whole personality,,and phscho equasions in?  thats cols blooded...nothing less......and staff wont even do nothing while u cuss at me,,call me evry thing in the book, and staff does nada....


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