No free email address?

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    Hi people - I'm here because I have a question about referring friends to this amazing site.

    When I invite a friend, to the left of my screen it says "Get a FREE email address!". I have already referred two friends to this site, and both became members... but I have not received a email address. Why is that? Of course, I already have my own email address but it would be pretty cool to have a address! At least, that's what I think! Smile

    So... can anyone help me with this? I really think it'd be cool to have a email address!

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    We need to remove that Frown

    Its no longer possible to create email addresses sorry.

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    Well, if a staff member of this site says it's no longer possible, then I assume it really isn't, no matter what kind of membership you have. I mean, I'm a diamond member myself. It's a pity that it's no longer possible, but I guess it can't be helped. Frown I just hope they will indeed remove the "Get a FREE email address!" when inviting a friend, that's all.

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    alexlaw wrote:

    not even if diamond?

    Correct. If you have one already you can continue to use it, but if you don't have one now you won't be able to create one.

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    When I joined my user name was normanevans6.  When my computer died I purchased a new one and came back as steelerfan43. My old e-mail was ********** with the new computer it is a different email address and you are still taking $5.00 a month from my checking account and I have no problem with that, indeed I want you to continue to do that, but I want my icon to show that I am a paying member. Thank you.

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    This is because you have a facebook account and a account. The premium membership is on your facebook account. The one you're posting from in here now on is your account

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    Why is it no longer possible to have a email account, now that I think about it , it would indeed be cool since I already spend so much time on this website. I do not begrude the $99.00 per year membership fee but I think all of us members should rise up and demand a email account! Let there be a email spring!  

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    I have a email adress so how do I read emails sent to it?

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    To access your email account, click on the Home link in the upper right corner (not one of the choices in the pulldown), then in the left column, there is a link for Email.

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    I too was following this up as I referred another friend. It's still up there on the refer (and leave a personal message) page. ..anyway ... boing.

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    11 months later the site still says "get a free email address!".

    You would think....

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    I would love to have a Email address.....

    Sad it was removed :((

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    19 months and it is still there, you would think the software engineers could have fixed it by now :P

    I mean if you there are any web designer jobs going, feel free to send me a message! ;)

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    I am very dissatisfied with with renewed email service (AddThis email).

    I can send an email from there as and the message delivers well, but fails to notice me I got response and I can't find it and read it.

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