Online Chess Titles?


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jetoba wrote:

The OP already mentioned FIDE's Arena titles

and there is an old thread on that.

Yes, I remember making that thread years ago.  However, the online chess titles that we are trying to get to implement will have substantially higher standards than the FOA ones and one doesn't have to pay any money to get.

Again, there is a very little knowledge of what FOA is all about. I played in there and i must say they played really well. Just a chess player of 1100 is hard to beat by a medium aficionado. So, do not be wrong with the ratings, comparing the inflation of or lichess with FIDE Online Arena.  For example, (and this is a very important point)  I checked a lot of FIDE  ratings of players over the board and online , and their ratings are incredibly similar and sometimes a little bit better their OTB ratings than their online arena ratings. So FIDE Arena is harder.  The factor of paying once a year 25$ not only it is not an abuse (compared with the monthly premium accounts of  but it is a way to select the people really good and really interested in improving chess.

So, I recomend to play in there before talking because anyone of you would see the quality and no inflation at all of the official online platform.

And yes, cheating is a handicap online, but there are  hundreds of accounts cancelled for this reason and the reason of cheating by chess professionals is because of money. and where is the most part of money in online chess?:-In so try to claim the best for this community and not for a community that the most part of amateurs know very little.



I don’t think anyone is passing judgment on the efficacy of the FOA rating system. Titles on that platform simply do not cater to Master-level players. Even if they did, that’s no reason for not to introduce its own title system.


It´s another kind of mastery. As it is said by FIDE "for players for the low rated band."

mvonkeit wrote:

Cheating exists OTB as well. I would imagine a platform like would not award a hypothetical title without scrutiny, including screening for fair play.

You cannot compare the amount of cheating in online chess to the amount of cheating in OTB chess.