Hi all. I was just wondering how accurate or how close to the actual ELO rating the ratings here on chess.com are. I'm asking for my son as he is only 10 years and is currently rated a bit over 1500 here on chess.com and I have only been teaching him for about a month and a half. He has only had an account here for 3 days.


I am curious to see the responses because, well I know a 1500 ELO rating is not anything spectacular but like I said I have only been teaching him since early January so he is a beginner and well, I think it would be great if he were 1500 so I would love to here some suggestions from the community as to what course of action I should/could take. I know, I know, I sound like a proud father. Well, yeah i am happy.png


Thanks in advance


Alas if your son's account is only 3 days old, his rating will not yet be at all accurate.  That's no reason you shouldn't be proud of his chessplaying of course.  Chess.com uses the Glicko rating system which attempts to quickly find your approximate rating in order to pair you up with suitable opponents.  As a result there are very large swings in rating for oh, maybe the first 50 games or so.  Until the Glicko RD (equivalent to a standard deviation ((whatever that means-no mathematician here)) drops significantly under 100, the score is not really reliable.  Hope my explanation helps, but I've taken the liberty of doing a forum search for you if you would care to read more on the subject.  



Thanks for explaining that although my original question as to how it compares to the ELO rating wasn't answered. I will check out those other posts you linked. He was paired with a 1500 player with an experienced account his first day and he did win that match so maybe he is around 1500 at least here on chess.com.


your son must play more than 2 week for balancing you son,s correct play with rating


More links...



 Accidentally post on my other son's account.

Well, after reading some of the posts in the links I guess there is no real way to convert the numbers between Elo and Glicko (which is what chess.com uses?) It is my understand that Glicko is somewhat deflated compared to Elo. My sons both play OTB (actually better than online) so I guess that is a factor too in rating. I'm going to see if I can get them involved in some tournaments to see how they fair against live players which will be hard since I live in a somewhat rural community.


Yeah it's really hard to come up with a conversion formula although as you read, everyone has their own ideas.  The best that can probably be said is that the ratings do reflect the pool of players contributing to it.  Online ratings are really just about finding someone around your skill to play with anyway.  Best of luck with your son's chess progress!