Ratings inflation?


Have other regular players noticed a significant ratings bump over the past few months, both in regular game play and tactics trainer? I would like to think that I've had an epiphany and suddenly gone from bad to merely bad-ish, but I don't know that my play shows that. I wonder if the increasing number of players on this site might result in lower standards of play and consequent ratings inflation.




my rating hasn't gone up but but I blame that on myself.  most likely you've improved. 


I was just making a similar comment to one of my friends.  I have gone over 2500 now (I had a few wins on time against high raters plus a win against a 2600+ who was just banned).  Anyway my point is that I used to be able to be in the top 50 with 2200, Now I'm over 2500 and just making the top 50, I'll probably not make it again..but I'm not playing any better or worse imo.  However the average is still around 1300 so maybe it's just a greater spread?  Certainly I can name a few of my friends who are 300 higher now than they were three months ago and they would have fairly settled ratings in terms of Glicko.


My feeling is that there has been a significant rating inflation in the last half year.