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    People probably know that the regular English Wikipedia has a pretty good coverage of Wikipedia. But there is another Wikipedia, the Simple English Wikipedia, that uses simple English for people who are still learning the language. The Chess covarage there is very bad, as there is only one player article (Bobby Fischer.  No Kasparov, Annad, anyone else). I figured that there is no place more knowledgable than here for chess. So, I am asking people here to get an account (although you don't need one) on and create more chess-related articles. If you know much about players, opening, events, or anthing else, PLEASE COME HELP US.

    I am User:Mm40 there also. If you have a question, you can direct them to If you post, please sign your post with four tildes (~~~~) Thank you Smile

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    You should take a look at our Chessopedia section at

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