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What Browser to use for Mac OS X 10.4.11 ?

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    Firefox upgraded their browser recently and it's no longer compatitble with Mc OS X 10.4.11. I was using it up to a month ago.

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    Mac OS compatible web browsers





    Note: this page was formerly on the Mac OS X speed FAQ ... Version 3.0.4 was included with 10.4.11, and 10.5, 10.5.1, and 10.5.2. ... Additional Safari addons which may improve browser compatibility can be found on Pimp My Safari. ...





    Mac OS compatible web browsers

    Note: this page was formerly on the Mac OS X speed FAQ
    This page was started as a one stop resource for many Apple compatible web browsers. In an effort to make it easier to find out why certain websites won't work on your Mac.

    It is divided into these sections:



    References for coding websites

    Many websites may not be totally compatible with any of those web browsers, but that's because their webmasters neglect to follow WWW Consortium Standards. You should write the webmaster of any website that doesn't follow those standards and let them know that the web is more than just for Windows users, and that following those standards will help their web pages be more accessible. First off, those who can't afford another operating system, can now see their website as viewed from nearly every browser on the planet at .....


     I don't know if there is anything useful here but just throwing ideas into the pot.




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    Thanks Joseph!

    well am currently downloading safari 4.1.3, which  Petit said was working fine for him.

    I saw through the link  you provided Joseph Safari 3.2.3 is another compatible verson with 10.4.11

    I'm currently  using Safari 3.2.1, so will  wait and see if any of these later versions will help get me into Live.

    Appreciate the help everyone :D

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    thanks Chapo...

    I got it to work.. 

    downloaded safari 4 .1.3

    and it worked.

    BUT when I logged into Live, Kohai said the problem was chess.com's end.. they are having issues with cookies.. I wasn't the only one experiencing the problem. I shouldn't of had to change browser versions.. they are working on it.

    In the meantime, I'm working again.

    Thanks to everyone who tried to help! :D:D

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    It's the most wonderful news! :D

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    Babs I had time lag problems so I just don,t play live any more ( except OTB ) The time lag cost me a won game .

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    I forgot to mention it was a blitz game.

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    you can play longer games in live then soldier.. e.g. 15 minute games.. then you don't have to worry about lag.

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    Hi, I have the same problem: Mac 10.4.11 Tiger and I had to search around to find a browser. I'm in the early stages of seeing how things work but Camino works for me so far (Version 2.1.2. http:caminobrowser.org). I'm using a 5.1 iMac. I hope that helps! Being away from chess is not a comfortable feeling :D

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    Digov, thankyou for that info. I just installed it !

    Safari was working ok, but it's good to have a backup browswer in case Safari decides to pack up one day. 

    Am limited due to  being on an older system. For me to upgrade is a big spend. I need to upgrade 2 computers and design programs. The software upgrades will cost more than the cost of 1 of the computers. 

    Possibly will do it in 2013 but depends on what my work situation is then. Not keen to spend approx. $8000 if I'm not going to be focusing as much on working in graphic design as I am now. Will most likely do it more part time and teach cooking and/or english as well. If so will upgrade only 1 computer. In the meantime will plug away on my G4 powerbook and G5 desktop. Thanks again for the link!

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    I believe lion 5.0 is available on disk only from the mac store $19.00 usd.

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    All my issues clear up if I'm on fast internet! slow connections aren't letting

    info through.  


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