Worst site ever


im sorry that your experience of cc has made you feel this way   but its not as bad as you think  for many it is their go to chess site  and there must be a reason for that  

it is difficult to please everyone in any situation , as we all want different things  but cc manage as best they can mate  i dont know if this post will make your opinion change but i hope it does and you start enjoying what the site offers


I think she's doing that - 159 continuous 1 minute games plus time inbetween is about 7 or possibly 8 consecutive hours of chess.


Ooooooppsss... sorry to hear! I think chess.com is great!


Sounds like a lot of crybabies with bad connections. I've never had any problems with this site. These crybabies are probably using Windows 5 because they're too cheap to buy proper software. 

lindarobert wrote:

Ilost today 2 games because of server being down. Not to mention i've lost a lot of games because the pieces on the board moved slowly, which ended up with me taking longer time to respond to the opponent moves.

Worst website for bullet ever.

[another site -- VP] is the best

Man up and start playing faster