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A great end of game !!

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    What do you think about this ?!

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    If 3)...QxBd4, then Black will draw.

    Because he either reaches the queening square a8 (via the route e6,d7,and c8), or he "traps" the White King on a7 (with opposition) and the Black King on c7.

    Looks like a draw.  Sorry.

    Rook pawns give the defender much better drawing chances.

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    yeeh this is good ... haven't seen that .. thanks !! Laughing 

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    In that position, a king trying to stop a rook pawn, the magic squares are a7, a8, b7, b8, c7, c8. If the king can get to any of those 6, the pawn is stopped.

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    Never saw a Rook Pawn Queen.

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    Thanks all yeh in fact it's a draw position ... :p

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    what about that ??!!


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