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King+Bishop vs King+Knight NOT forced draw

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    yes, they would, but as dude made very clear a post or so back, that's not the point.

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    Try getting your opponent into any of the demonstrated positions before 50 moves or three-fold repetition occurs. The mates are not forced. Either side can play a move other than the one that blocks his king into the corner. A tournament director would call a draw if summoned to a board with king-knight vs king-bishop. 

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    This is a non-issue. Nobody said it is a forced draw.
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    No, someone did say it was a forced draw (in the live chess chat main room).

    They refused to accept that it was not, and went on and on and on about how there must be a mistake in the system since the game was not automatically drawn.

    To put an end to the noise, in the absense of a player-to-player board setup tool I quickly put this up and stuck it on here to demonstrate why this is not an automatic draw.

    A mistake, it appears, as it seems I've merely created a new and equally boisterous noise source.


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    I get all the formal stuff, a checkmate being possible when both sides work together for it, but what if one of the players (lets say it's a king&bishop vs king&knight) is running low on time while the other is not?

    Is then the one with less time supposed to lose when the game becomes a "make the move fast and press the clock fast" rather than actual chess?

    If one side has like 30 sec left, it may not be enough to make 50 moves for a draw.

    This is a serious problem, in my opinion.

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