Rook vs Rook+Bishop


The endgame can drag on a bit

(In fact Nicolic could have won quickly after move 240.)

Arisktotle wrote:

I'm amazed by the 22%. Could it be that they include positions where the lonely rook is en prise by random placings? The R+B+K side controls about 25 squares on average. Or is it assumed that the minority side is on move to compensate for unreal en prise situations?

Yes. It's a problem with taking any EGTB statistics seriously. That about 1 in 20 KBNK positions is drawn, for example, is not really what you want to know.

The stats also include some but not all illegal positions. This is usually insignificant, but not always. The published draw percentage for KQQQK for example is given to three significant figures, but I think would be wrong in the first significant figure if only legal positions were considered.


Thanks MARattigan. I won't take the EGTB statistics serious anymore! wink.png


I never did!


201. Rf2 is also an easy win, while the move played is leads to the Szen draw.

xitvono wrote:

201. Rf2 is also an easy win, while the move played is leads to the Szen draw.

So it is. but less obvious if you haven't studied this endgame. (I had to look up Szén draw.)




"I resign (and not-resign)."

drmrboss wrote:
bach_of_chess wrote:

I am about to reach this position in one of my online games here. How possible is this to win for a club level player? What kind of level would the losing side have to be in order to be able to draw this position?

To answer you question it depends on three factors,

1. your skill

2. your opponent skill and

3.  Absolute state of position.



You missed out 4. Luck.


That's my favorite one!


Let's not forget checkmate on the spot positions:



That would have to be humiliating.


drmr, thanks for the comment!  I have now added that tablebase to my chess links! happy.png