two knights versus pawn checkmate.


You cannot checkmate with two knights and a King unless you get the opposing King in a corner.


Two knights mate is extremely hard, especially if you are facing a good opponent 

superchef1028 wrote:

You cannot checkmate with two knights and a King unless you get the opposing King in a corner.

Not even then. Only when you make an error on the very last move you can be checkmated. Play as stupid as you like but calculate 1 move ahead and you will survive.


I once had 2 knights vs queen and My opponent blundered into a fork and resigned. Little did he know I had no way to force mate.


I won a piece in the opening but the game was still hard!!!!


there's a drill for that on this site...really hard drill if you try it


study this

Datris_Robinson wrote:

Check this out! When I was scanning through the lichess database for the two knights endgame, I found a game where a 2400 WGM beat a 2600 with two knights vs. a pawn, but interestingly, the time control is 30 seconds, and White is making most of her moves in 0 seconds. How is this possible? White had to have already known how to mate!

lol so weird


@deechu123 thanks for that article, it helped a lot. I have gotten very close to success on the drills, and I only use the computers help for a few moves, and I haven't even finished watching the video. Even if the endgame never comes up, I still want to complete the set of checkmates in the checkmates drills section.


I can post you a couple of positions from my book. White to move wins. Black to move draw. With pawn behind the Troitzky line.

6k1/8/4N1K1/8/8/3p4/3N4/8 b - - 0 1


White to move or Black to move wins.

7k/5K2/8/5N2/8/5p2/5N2/8 w - - 0 1


I have actually won this endgame in an OTB game. It depends on the position of the pawn. You only need to know the method and then practice. It is not an useless exercise as you will get a better understanding of the Knight. The method is to block the pawn with a Knight and then drive the Black King to a corner. The blocking Knight then joins and mates the King witch cannot be stalemate because of the Black Pawn (this is the difference from the drawn endgame with only two Knights). 


Another study by Troitzky: