chess openings to play?


London as white, Hippo as black.

MisterWindUpBird wrote:

London as white, Hippo as black.

Don't play the London, play the Queen's Gambit instead.

London is excellent.

Modern defense for black is great as its set up based like the London and you can play against anything white plays.

GothamChess has courses on each I both highly recommend. 👍

If you like the Italian, you could stick with e4 and e5, I suppose. Sicilian is a great option against e4 too that helps black to have a big say in the direction of the game. I also has lots of theory you can absorb in the years to come. Against d4, you could play the Slav (1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6) if you want a very solid position or you could go for the Nimzo-Indian/Queen's Indian pair when white plays d4 and c4. 


Any sound opening that you find interesting, or fun, or you're comfortable with, is perfectly fine.  It is true that some are considered more theoretical and/or complex than others, but most of the time your games will be against others near your level.  Just don't play a gimmicky one, or one that relies on tricks or traps -- pick a sound one, any sound one, that you are comfortable with.