How long did it take you to get an elo of 1000 in chess.


You are way better at chess than me.

PresentColony wrote:

Finally, after a year since I started chess, I reached an elo of 1000 in Rapid. I do nt care about Blitz and Bulet as I can work on them later.



Is this in lichess rating or rating?

CastawayWill wrote:

Is this in lichess rating or rating?

op mentioned rating earlier I think

Still in the 900 range 😅

11 Days:

Looking over your games I see a lot of good things man. Don’t be discouraged. I recommend longer than 10 min games though. 15-30 min is better. Make sure before every move you go over other possible moves and what your opponent can do and so forth. Last piece of advice I see you like to bring your queen out and it just gets chased around. Might want to stop going for early bishop/queen mates that your opponent takes advantage of by forcing you out and developing at the same time. Develop soundly…double check for tactics, and make sure you don’t blunder. If you get burnt out on your main opening for white learn the London System. People can talk bad about it all they want but at your rating it is brutally effective

A few months.