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Hi folks, i joined chess about a year ago and have been playing on and off for 10 years. I play the puzzles regularly and am getting better at seeing the game but I don’t seem to be getting better in games. My rating is always around 900 and have been higher than 1000 but I love chess so much I’d like to get some pointers on how I can improve and be a much higher rating. I hope you are all well and loving chess. L

Dear willowsrd,

I am a certified, full-time chess coach and International Master, so I have seen it and tried it all.
There are so many ways to get better and I know it can be overwhelming.
You can learn from free videos on youtube, there are books at your disposal that can all help, but they are not tailored to your needs.

One of the most important things you can do is to analyze your games! You must learn from your mistakes! That is a priority. You can't really move on to a new, different topic and learn new ideas if you still make the same mistakes over and over again!

This is where a chess coach comes into the picture. A good coach can show you how to study,  what to study, and give you the material YOU need. Naturally, it takes time to use everything in practice, but you will succeed if you are relentless and persistent!happy.png
You should learn the main principles in every area of the game (opening, middlegame, endgame).  Don't focus on only one part! You should improve your tactical vision as well as it is part of all areas!  
This how I built my training program for my students. We discuss more than one topic during a lesson so it's always interesting and they can improve constantly. I give homework too and the right tools to make practicing enjoyable and effective!happy.png
Don't worry about your rating and the ups and downs! Just keep on playing and practicing!

I hope this helps.happy.png  I wish you good games and 100+ extra ratingshappy.png

Analysis of your games is the way that I have improved.

Hi! My name is Lauren Goodkind and I’m a chess coach and chess YouTuber based in California:


I have tips to help you improve your chess skills so you can win more games.  

-I  offer a  free beginner’s free eBook on my website, in case you are interested. The book is about asking questions before each move.  

-Learn basic tactics such as the fork, discovered attack, pin, and more.  I offer interactive puzzles on my website:  

-I recommend two books for you: “50 Poison Pieces”   and “Queen For A Day: The Girl’s Guide To Chess Mastery.”  Both books are available on  Both books are endorsed by chess masters!  

-If you are serious about chess, I highly recommend you hiring a chess coach to help you.  

-Also consider all checks and captures on your side and also your opponent’s side. Always as, “If I move here, where is my opponent going to move?”

Of course, play your best and have fun!  

I hope that this helps.  


Improving Your Chess - Resources for Beginners and Beyond...


A rating of 1000 indicates frequent blunders. Always check your intended move is no blunder before you play it. That alone should get you to 1500.


1. Don’t focus on learning openings. Learn principles.
2. Focus on tactics, do puzzles watch videos on puzzles. Analyze your games after and look for tactics.
3. Analyze analyze analyze, you don’t need a membership to do this just go through self analysis and look at lines from engine it’s important to understand why some moves are the best so feel free to ask any questions you have on here or on cc forums.
4. If your losing a ton take a small break then come back later.
5. Play some higher rated players and get advice from the and listen to it. +200- +400 is prefered for having more opportunities any higher and you are just tested on how soon till you blunder
6. Have fun, that’s what it’s all about anyways .
Feel free to friend me and ask questions if you ever have them on certain positions also I know of a few clubs who are centered towards helping players like yourself.


According to your stats you've played over 4000 blitz games and only 6 rapid games. While all of the above advice will no doubt help you to improve, you're unlikely to be able to convert any of your lessons into ability with no more than 5 mins to make all of your moves (at least according to different sources I've been reading as a beginner myself).

Personally I'm finding it useful to sit down and play 15|10 games, balanced with daily games and puzzles. My rapid rating is still sub-800 and my wins only tend to provide +8 increments, so I have a long way to get to 1000+, but I think it's helping to improve my play.

I occasionally play a couple of quick 5 min games to pass some moments but I can tell when I'm playing that I'm not really "learning" or giving myself the opportunity to convert learning into tactics....

Stop playing Blitz and Bullet and start playing Rapid and Daily. Focus on puzzles daily, however many you can get in, and start a few daily games and make 1 move in each of them a day max. Always look over the positions carefully and analyze your options. Write notes of your thoughts are even better for post game reviewing. Play Rapid for when you have the itch to play a Live game. You need time to think and make good habits, not develop terrible ones blitzing off moves randomly.