Fun little game.


Information for game coming from:


Lets have a little fun. If you read and understand it, then cool. If you don't feel like reading it, it goes like this:

1. Player 1(me) places king anywhere on the board

2. Player 2(anyone who wants to play) places a pawn on the board as to check the king. 

3. Player 1 moves the king anywhere on the board, so that the king is not next to a pawn. 

4. Play repeats until 16 pawns are placed

5. If the king does not have a square that is not adjacent to a pawn, Player 2 wins, and vice versa, if the king has a place to go, Player 1 wins. 

6. In this game, the rule about pawns of the color of the king cannot check him is ignored. 

P.S.: for fun purposes, don't look at the video on how to do it in the link above.


So who wants to give it a try?


Can pawns be going either direction? Because if not, couldn't the person place the king on the first rank and the second person not be able to check the king.


either direction, yes.