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My Peek Into the Future

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    Feel like havin' breakfast with me?

    (pdela should have written that)

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    Ubik42 wrote:
    ozzie_c_cobblepot wrote:

    Yes, my father confirmed that the faster-than-light neutrino was not something to worry about.

    Interesting, however I had thought, based on a lecture I atttended at the time, that neutrino speed had already been established to a high degree of accuracy from obesrvation of supernovae and the resultant neutrino barrage.

    Yep, that's why the new result looked just wrong.

    After investigation, it was some kind of misplugging of the detectors...

    (but don't blame them, the cables in the LHC are such a mess, it is incredible they managed to sort it out in less than ten years)

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    Don't stop thinking about tomorrow, Grobe.

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    It's happening again:

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    How were you able to post in the "Sexism" thread last night, about 20 minutes after it was locked, TheGrobe? Maybe you have special powers?Laughing

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    You know all those threads about people whose opponents can "manipulate time"?

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    Grobe ? Tell me more about DB. He either transformed into the Saquatch or Uncle Sam put him up to it for their own reasons....or other....I'm trying to make lite w/out trolling my darling....I am sincerely interested in DB theories....Smile....

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    Thank you Grobe. The parachute was never found ?....he must've (or someone) packed it out....fascinating story. I think he's had MM's secretly cheering for him...a true folk hero. When they were looking for the barefoot bandit (another folk hero ?) some locals wanted him to end up here !....what's going on up in the Northwest United States ?....Undecided.... 

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    I apologize for diverting discussion everyone....no more....


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