Read this: "Addicted to Chess"


Are you addict in chess? then you must read this for you to know. 

Addicted to Chess by Bill Wall.Laughing

lol. so funny bendcat...
I don't get it?
That was too funny!!!!  
Oh God, I am addicted to chess! Chess is the only thing other than guitar playing that has ever gotten me completely addicted. Yes, I have a handheld chess computer that goes into the bathroom with me (I got tired of loosing my black queen to the realm of the toilet bowl). My wife is always asking me if I'm alright after being there for twenty minutes. I tell her I'm having constitutional issues and need "just five more minutes." In fact she said that last night at 11:15. I can't help myself. I have down time from doing any live shows until Late Novemember, so I sit and play chess for about five hours a day (and then often get up late at night and do puzzles). I kid you not! Oh no, I'm a chess junkie!