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What is the music that you listen to when you play chess ?

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    Usually industrial, electronic or trance.  I do enjoy listening to ambient chill a lot when I am playing...keeps me in the "zone."

    Something like this from Solar Fields:

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    Mozart piano concerto no.20 and n0.24

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    Classical. Doesn't matter which period. Just Classical.

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    For speed games:
    Metal Gear Solid - Escape
    The melody is a good fit for the typical tension of speed chess, I reckon.

    For slower games: if I can get away with listening to music while playing (not always possible in rated tournaments, for example) whatever I normally listen to.

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    'If I Could Have Her Tonight'  (Neil Young from the self-titled Neil Young album)

    . . . meaning, of course, the enemy's queen!--if I could have HER tonite!

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    Classical or trance. There is no two ways about it.

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    Unless of course you have poor taste!

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    richkid123 wrote:

    Unless of course you have poor taste!

    Ahaha Smile

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    random stuff

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    random stuff


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