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60/60 vs. 1950 Player. Ponziani Opening. Im Black. Best game I've ever played :)

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    Chock full of Tactics and Subtle Threats.

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    Heh, felt like a dozen times I wanted white to play Nc3 or 0-0.  I guess he wanted to blow you away with aggressive moves.

    On d5 I thought he had you :)  12.Qa4 seems hard to meet though.

    14.dxc6 was a blunder, black has tons of initiative now.

    Wouldn't expect you to see 18...Rd6 works tactically, well done ;)

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    What is the importance of 18..Rd6?

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    Jitesh wrote:

    What is the importance of 18..Rd6?

    It creates a pin, gaining a tempo, as well as letting the queen come in and attack the bishop. Just that little bit of pressure that black can't handle. It force wins a piece in about 4 moves because white can't do enough things at once.

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    8.0-0 is a much better move, since 8...Nxe5? loses a piece to 9.Qe2!

    But your 9...Nf4? is not such a good move (simply 9...de5 and Black looks OK). White could simply play 11.Qc4! and you would be in deep trouble.


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