10 Move checkmate

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    This one just so

    rt of fell into my lap rather than me doing anything, but theres a message in this game........................Somewhere, anyone know what it is.



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    good game.


    Do u have any idea y black moved Nxe2? That wasn't very wise!Wink



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    That wasn't black's only not-so-wise move Wink 6... e4, giving up a pawn, 7... Nf4, wasting another move with an already developed piece, and of course 9... Bg4?? allowing mate in one are all not-so-great moves Tongue out
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    Yeah, that's one of those games where your opposition didn't even notice what was developing on the other side of the board.  He was probably thinking about his own play (not perfect) rather than responding to yours.
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    Dude! put your name on that opening trap, Its the first time I see that (I don't know if it has already a name).
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    It's a very common trick and has been played numerous times before. I can't give an exact example of this trick, but it's kind of a combination of two of the traps in the Caro-Kann and Petroff:

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    They are both very good strategies. i have been playing for several years now and am finally reassesing my game and learning more about classic thought patterns. This site really helps.
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    that is a fast game but there is a check mate in four moves
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    Phobetor -- in your second example, what if black pushed his knight forward to g3 after white pulled out his queen? the discovered check is still possible, but at best white will only swap queens... (btw, "drawish type players" is a cute moniker)
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    If black plays 4... Ng3, then indeed 5. Nc6+ doesn't work. But white can just play 5. hxg3 and win a piece Wink
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    oh yeah. duh.
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    4. Nxe5 was a much ebtter move ;)
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    Here is an example of the Legall's Mate.

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    All of these mates have to have your opponenet do exact movements( wich are pretty dumb) anyone know any mates where its almost certain it will work?Tongue Out

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    he could have taken your knight with his knight on move5 and he would be up a knight as the knight protects the bishop

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    A trick is legals mate

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    I like 7 move checkmate. Cool .!

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    Cant black just block?

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    black would have captured the white knight using his knight rather than  taking the queen . in this way he would be protecting the bishop and still in position to strike the queen which would be a great threat.

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