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1467(me) vs. 1522

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    Obviously, not my proudest moment. Back-to-back blunders beginning with 20.f4 did me in. I suspect I was losing before that combination, though, but can't quite put my finger on it. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
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    5.Bc4!? Better is 5.c4 establishing Maroczy Bind (look it up if you don' t know it or how to play it)

    8.Bb3!? Better is 8.Bf4 In the opening develop your pieces. Do not move any piece twice unless it is absolutely necessary such as you will lose the piece or their is a clear positional reason for moving it twice in the opening.

    9.Nxc6!? (exchanging your strongly centralized N at d4 is giving up control of the center). Better is

    9.Be3 or Bf4 (development)

    If you would like to know more please let me know.

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    Why did you release tension with 9. Nxc6? I think your position up to there is fine, you just need a plan. After move 9 there's no obvious weaknesses in black's position so I'd just continue developing probably with Be3 because I might want to prepare f4. 

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    15. f3 means the knight has to retreat, the e4 pawn is protected and it is easier to defend g2, so 13...Ng4 I can't see as the beginning of the end for you.

    20. f4 is really the only immediate losing move, you may prevent the mate but you'll still lose your knight on b6.

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    Thanks everyone for the helpful comments. Ancor3, I'm kicking myself for missing 18. Ne7+! Oh well. 


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